Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Conversion from Bin Laden to Bin Ladeen

Despite of he was having an angry face, a lonely child but still was a good boy, his name was Osama, a son among 52 sons and daughters of a rich Saudi businessman Muhammed Bin Laden, He was Osama Bin Laden a good Muslim and a national hero as he was fighting according to the Islamic teachings about (Jihad), supported by Unites Stated, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as well, he defended of an Islamic country (Afghanistan) against an occupying country (Soviet Union) in 1979.
Later starting from Bombing the US embassies in Nairobi and Darussalam and ending with his ongoing crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan he has to be called Osama Bin LADEEN, “Bin” in Arabic means “the son of” , “La” means “Non” and “Deen” means “ Religion” so his name will be-in English-Osama the son of Non-Religion, this is the right name of a criminal like him to avoid misunderstanding by non-Muslims those may think that what this person does is what Islam asked for, please note that Islam is derivative from Salam which means in Arabic “peace” and there is no peace in what this person does.
It is an official request from the writer to all Muslims to call Osama as BIN LADEEN to show always that this person is so far from Islam.